This was an individual project in which I designed an indoor food compost bin that makes composting and gardening more fun and accessible. Bokashi is an anaerobic method of composting which accept ALL types of food, including meat and dairy.
Once I had established the steps required to complete the Bokashi method, I designed a user cycle that involved as little time and effort as possible. I wanted this product to make it easy for anyone to make compost with no previous gardening experience. I also made it indoor to accustom for the many who don't have gardens.
In order to fully understand the Bokashi process, I tried it out myself. This was very insightful and highlighted a few key ways I could improve my design so that it eased the process.
The main focus of this project was designing the physical product so that it functioned well, was ergonomic and also aesthetically pleasing as it was to be displayed in a home. Once I had decided on the final body, I 3D printed a prototype so that I could accurately test how easy it was to interact with. The development and creation of the prototype can be seen below.
Now that I had my physical prototype, I needed to consider how this would be manufactured on a large scale and what material to use.
My full design journal, documenting the journey through this project can be viewed below.

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